Jaunt has all the know-how and tools to cater the many needs of the MICE sector as it adapts its many resources towards creating experiences and events that revolve around the venues our country has to offer.

To ensure extraordinary quality service, we work closely with our partner: INTERVALO,
who are experts in executing all aspects of corporate and social events.


  • Catering
  • Event Design
  • Event Planning
  • Decor
  • Infrastructure, lighting, audio/visual
  • Furniture and decor
  • Logistics
  • Vendor network


  • Social gatherings
  • Corporate events
  • Brand events
  • Incentive luncheons, dinners and celebrations
  • Workshops
  • Sensorial experiences
  • Corporate parties
  • Product launch/announcement

Team building can go outside the office, actually it creates a special bond between the workers that allows them to be more comfortable and efficient during their tasks. Also, increases communicative skills and creates a strategic work plan that understands the different capacities of the members to achieve a common goal. Jaunt Mexico offers you the perfect destinations!

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