Roots behind an artesanal masterpiece

By Ana Ruiz with collaboration of Sofia Botas from Craft and Breakfast

Jaunt Mexico loves to promote local projects in order for human beings to enhance the different cultures and realities that surround us. With the help of Sofia Botas and her personal experience we developed this article for you to read a different story than you are used to.


Craft and breakfast is looking to connect two different cultures in one table. Here you will feel like a local artisan for a day. We are going to talk about the experience as it is. You will have to go to the artisans workshops, most of them are in their own houses. You will follow their regular routine, it could be from breakfast with the entire family or outdoors breakfast depending on the artisan you visit. They will give you the meal they usually have with the perfect local taste at first glance. The day will follow with a small tour to the artisan´s favorite spot of their town, or cute places nearby where they get their inspiration from, or just to share with you a little part of their essence. You´ll head back to the workshop as an authentic local, rides include public transport, walking or cycling. You start developing your own craftwork from scratch with the wise advice of the craftsman heritage. And then  you go back home with a piece of a new culture and one in a lifetime experience.


Sounds like a pretty interesting experience but it goes beyond that. You’ll hear the life stories that accompany a single piece of art, that you purchase mostly because of how it looks, but it’s important for us to sense it, and feel the historical vibes that are embodied in the details. With craft and breakfast you’ll awake a new perspective of how things take place in a local market.

Sofia Botas told us about her experience, which could be summed up in one sentence. 

“You see wear and tear hands over the years, cut by attempts, but most importantly you see a tradition that they seek to share with their customers.”

Jaunt Mexico gives you the opportunity to take at first glance this experience and find yourself in a local workshop, with local food, having nothing but less a local conversation, within local hands teaching you the importance of  details in overgranted art experiences. Just like Craft and Breakfast we look for consciousness to eradicate the haggling of history and essence. Because we guarantee that after this experience full of substantive talks and professionalism you won’t visit with the same eyes a local market, you will start appreciating each technique full of life. 

If you are up for a life changing experience like Sofia was, don´t forget to ask for it in your jaunt itinerary and get to know the different stories of Saúl, Jesús, Adelaido, Pedro, Narciso and Álvaro that will change the meaning of a real conversation in a table