I can’t go! I’m on a strict diet 🙁

There are no more excuses to not take the jaunt of your life! Here are some tips that will make your day easier while you’re on vacation, but most importantly having a blast, while we promote a different kind of wellness. We like to blend wellness, luxury and culture, all in the same place. We have the perfect team that will give you a jaunt you’ll never forget. 

But what else can we do to travel safe, healthy and also seize the day in a new cultural destination.

First of all we gotta carry a new accessory also known as thermo. This will be your perfect partner throughout the jaunt, of course next to your travel coordinator. 

 As you may know our body is made out of 60% water, that is why we need to continue hydrated throughout the day, in order to keep our body functioning properly. Women are supposed to drink 2 liters of water a day and men 2.5 L, if we promote to do so all your cells will continue working to give you the perfect amount of energy to learn more about a new culture while enhancing the complete experience of new flavours and routines.


Second step, we strongly recommend to book at least one experience from our wellness catalogue in the hands of a local expert. Add it to your wishlist!

Plus remember that during trips you lose certain amount of calories by doing regular voyage stuff such as:

Sightseeing through walking tours: We lose about 148 calories an hour, imagine changing your experience in a bicycle tour! Let’s double it.

Also picture yourself hiking in the great mountains of Oaxaca, Sierra Gorda or even in the Baja desert, of course you ‘ ll have fun in an atv race or jeep excursion, but to get to the iconic places we gotta follow the walking path. There are 295 calories per hour. 

Third step, sleep! Sometimes we are so cut up about the day dream of travelling but we need to have the proper rest to enjoy what is coming next. This means sleeping about 10 hours a day will help your memory, will give you an extra strength for your immune system, will lower your stress levels, will  improve your physical performance and your skin will thank you later because it prevents skin aging. So let’s do it possible and change these wills into present actions. 

Remember that Jaunt Mexico offers an amazing vacation which is also tailor made, if you have any travel restriction or want to follow certain guidelines, please let us know to give you the best experience you ‘ ll ever have! We will give you a curated list of your healthy cravings in all of our magical destinations.



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