I can assure you that Tequila is your best way to interact with a Mexican. It's funny though, how a drink could be 100% associated with a nationality. For example, Vodka and Russians, if you are at a party with them that will be the first thing you will try to talk about. 

Keep reading to become an expert at international socializing and the most casual way to do so. 


Don’t get scared with how Mexicans express themselves, we can enlist some of the attitudes that are most likely to happen in a social event. Remember that there are always exceptions and we are dramatizing our stereotypes in a funny way in this blog by giving you an explanation of why we are like this or why we are used to these social behaviours.

  1. They will greet you like they already know you. In Mexico, we are really effusive when we say hi, we are pretty friendly in order to get to know you for the rest of the day. We are used to greeting people with a kiss on the cheek. Fun fact if we analyze that, we actually just make a kissing sound while we touch our cheek to the other person’s. To make it sound less weird, we just fake a kiss on the cheek, no matter who you are. (In the professional sphere, you´ll just shake hands)
  2.  We are often a little bit loud. This is because we are used to large crowds in family gatherings where we need to speak up to be heard at the dinner table. Remember that our core family can range from 5 to 30  considering second cousins, great aunts and uncles,  and aggregates. 
  3. Our discussions are pretty open. We are most likely to be dramatic in casual debates on the table, so don’t be shy, say your point of view in deep conversations. We aren’t getting angry we just want to explain ourselves for us to connect and socialize, it’s ok not to agree with someone but it’s not ok to not hear them up. 
  4. We will offer you a Tequila or a Mezcal right way. Don’t be scared, we are not trying to get you drunk or to take advantage of you, it’s just a great ice breaker. If you consider that most people like Tequila and want to learn more about the drink from us—“the experts”—then you can understand why this is our preferred way to start a friendly conversation. 
  5. We will probably invite you to a party. It’s the most casual way to meet new people and have fun. We are used to celebrating anything and everything. Life is meant to be celebrated!
  6. We will arrive late. We’re not mean or uninterested, we just think the time is always on our side. We often take longer to get ready and rarely consider the traffic factor when we measure travel time.
  7. Most importantly we will help you in every possible way that we can. We like to put our hearts into everything we do and give support wherever it's needed. Our superpower is coming together for a good cause and make everyone feel at home even when they are kilometres away from where they live. 

Never miss the opportunity to meet a Mexican, but most importantly don’t fell into the danger of the single-story, question why the stereotypes were built and why they are meant to be broken. Let yourself meet different people from all around the world, without hesitation or prejudice. 

Unravel yourself in a local immersion with Jaunt Mexico and disconnect to reconnect.


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