Meditation is known to reduce stress and anxiety,  it gives you the chance to navigate through your emotions leading to self-acceptance. Its practice can help regulate compulsive thoughts and feelings to create harmony by making you be present with yourself. Most importantly, it encourages compassion towards others and Mother Earth. Last but not least, meditation gives us the interest to question what our body is trying to tell us about our inner adversities. This is in order not to flee and reject these warnings, but be open and appreciative instead. We are just a breath away from setting us free from tension. 

To delve deeper into this practice, we talked with Jaunt Mexico’s master of meditation, Diana. She is considered our guru because she founded a consciousness and wellbeing center called Empodera in the beautiful town of Tulum, Quintana Roo. Their philosophy is based on the belief of a conscious revolution by creating transcendental experiences in nature. Empodera community looks for an Earth’s evolution that will make us vibrate and wake us up to fully experience our daily life. They seek for personal holistic healing, without missing the importance of wilderness. All this with the objective to cultivate personal flourishing through scientific knowledge and skills. Continue reading and discover more about Diana and the importance of meditation everywhere you go.


Diana considers meditation as a million possibilities for one soul; she defined it as a training practice for the mind where we open our hearts to full presence. 

One of the most common myths is that meditation means “not thinking”, but it is actually the best way to be present in your thoughts.  While meditating as a practice,  you will find a clarity that you have never experienced and that will help you embody your life purpose to redefine the way you look at yourself and your environment. Diana believes it is the best way to engage people’s interest and compassion to what matters most. 

When asked about her journey into meditation, she shared that there are two types of awakening in meditation— the formal one, which she started 4 years ago, and the unconscious one, which her purest self—as a kid—  was already engaged in by being aware of her surroundings without judging them and just fully enjoying the moment.  Diana added that  “we have only one key under our control from the moment we are born and until the last day of our existence; it’s always with us, is free and it is called breathing”.

Meditation has many different practices and there is not a single correct way to meditate. In real life it will be translated into peace of mind.  For Diana, the practice that most aligns with her soul, is Mindfulness; she describes it as a loving consciousness. It has a lot of benefits because it adapts completely to you and your life philosophy; and it encourages authenticity in this wonderful world.  

She shares that even though guided and silenced meditation both have their magic, her favorite is the guided one. She considers words as a complex art and that they have the power to elevate people by evoking different emotions, meaning that we can unlock our feelings through communication. 

Diana’s prescription for successful meditation is just a one-step procedure: “Don’t expect anything. Let yourself go, breathe, be, ease, break stereotypes, and stop thinking about the results you are supposed to have, open your heart and let it flow. Simply make it [meditation] your own.” 

When asked what her biggest achievement in the field was, Diana answered that the community created through meditation and the space of pure presence in her Mindful circles were her biggest successes. She considers her circles to be therapeutic, sacred, and a safe place to connect with others, guided by different breathing techniques. “Mindful Circles made me realize that we humans can coexist peacefully without any problem”.

Her biggest inspiration is Baba Ram Dass, a master of meditation who was a psychologist just like her. He portrays the importance of sharing the wisdom of the heart about love and compassion. Diana considers him “ a spiritual leader that fully represents her philosophy that love can do it all”, which she says is evidenced by the fact that although he passed away last December, his presence in the field shows that love transcends even death.  

As every Jaunt´s interview we asked Diana’s favorite destination in Mexico which is: Quintana Roo. She has a Caribbean soul and considers that this place is magical, its anthem honors jungle, sea, history and youth—. 4 words that mean bliss to her. 

Don’t forget that it is crucial to meditate even though you are traveling. Meditation lets us enjoy our presence in the moment, and is the perfect tool to savor and enrich ourselves with the culture and flavors we are visiting. Jaunt meditation is the nutrient to awake creativity and something that we should embody when we are back home. 

Don´t miss the private cenote experience and add it to your wishlist! Fully experience a walk into the pristine jungle leading you to an underground cenote where you will have a guided meditation session by Diana with the perfect closure of a  fire ceremony for a spiritual encounter and a gratitude therapy with an authentic Xaman. Diana invites you to go back to your place with the healing soul from Tulum. She considers the private cenote experience the perfect way to unify the community, authentic connection, life purpose, and Tulum, all in one place just for you and your party. A cenote links the strands that we need to face our future. Jaunt and Empodera seek conscious leadership to wake up from Tulum, to generate a bigger impact when you return home. 

Let us be part of the jaunt and soon Diana will take over the wellness section to explain to us more about a healthy and conscious lifestyle, stay tuned!


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