I’m writing this article on my last day (and my only free day) of a scouting trip I made to the Mayan Riviera. After 4 months of lockdown in Mexico City I was really excited (and nervous) to make the trip. The Mayan Riviera  started to re-open at the beginning of July, so I decided to experience first hand how things were doing here. I’m really surprised by what I experienced and I am very happy to say that WE ARE READY TO WELCOME YOU BACK! 

The world is adapting to the “new normal” and Mexico is no exception. Hygiene protocols were implemented at  the airport and through the whole flight (and this time people took their seats in an organized way, I really hope this new measure will stay forever!). At our arrival, our host and driver received us with a different welcome kit than the traditional margarita: antiviral wipes, face masks and antibac. As we traveled across the Riviera, we always took private transportation which was continuously sanitized. 

At hotels, sanitation protocols were also in place : sanitized shoe mats, antibacterial wipes, digital menus, face-masks and of course, social distancing. 

We visited a long list of properties to ensure that they are following the correct measures and we are only working with those hotels. 

I was really surprised when visiting restaurants. Of course I was expecting hygiene measures, but I was not expecting the ambience and good vibes from travelers— people are still having fun at their tables with their groups. They want to have a good time with friends in a safe place. Our friends and partners in transportation, hotels and restaurants are taking the necessary measures to provide a  safe experience for you. 

I’m optimistic that the lessons learned from this pandemic will make us better, smarter travelers. The smart way to  travel is taking fewer trips, but longer stays.  To get immersed in the destination, and to enjoy truly unique, exclusive and private experiences.

People will still want to travel. The reality is that the desire to see the world is stronger than the fears and anxieties that arise from a global pandemic. Travel is and always will be an important economic driver and an extremely enriching cultural experience and those powers will ultimately defeat our concerns. 

We, the smart travelers, have a big responsibility to help the industry recover. Let’s travel again. Let’s travel in a smart way, keeping our distance, wearing a mask, washing our hands, choosing destinations wisely, avoiding unnecessary flights, avoiding crowds and, if possible,  booking  private transfers and private tours. 

We need to travel again because we need to encourage the true power of travel: helping the locals, who have really struggled in the past 4 months. By traveling we are helping them and their families, this should be the main driver to us.  

In Jaunt Mexico we are ready to welcome you again, smart travelers. 

Contact us to arrange your next escape. We strongly suggest you enjoy one of our beautiful beach destinations. Relax, disconnect from the current global situation and reconnect with yourselves. Recharge your energy so you can continue working hard every day to build a better world.  We’ll do everything  in our hands to arrange a safe jaunt to Mexico. 

We are all in this together. 



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