Well, it’s about time we explain the concept of Vitamin MX we have seen throughout the blog. Once in a while, it is important to recognize the multiculturality that surrounds us and understand the importance of authenticity in the world. The diversity of flavors, thoughts, opinions, and actions is what makes us feel alive. If everything was copy-pasted around the globe, we would end up in a monochrome universe with lots of long faces and apathy. Mexico is especially good at spicing things up and creating a colorful daily life. At Jaunt Mexico we want to encourage you to add these types of color to your life and appreciate your roots and identity— after all, that’s what makes you one in 7.8 billion.

For this blog, we are going to focus on the details by defining what a cultural identity is and why Vitamin MX is obsessed with showing you the importance of understanding yours.

Cultural identities reflect our experiences, traditions, cuisine, social behavior, beliefs, and roots. And no matter the quantity that has a culture that yours has the same importance because as you see your true self with the respective cultural identity, others must see you as competent and open to bring something new to the global community. Discovering this sense of belonging is a new opportunity to connect to other cultures and awaken an interest in understanding who are we sharing the world with.  As humans, we are capable of having multiple identities that are not necessarily limited to nationalities. Can you imagine? We have traits that can be related to someone across the globe. But how can we distinguish ourselves from others and understand our personal cultural identity?

 First of all gratification of being part of something good is the first step, being thankful for what you have and surrounds you on a daily bases. Second, always be part of something bigger that helps you be closer to the best version of yourself. Third, don’t be scared of being different, in the end, there is always something that connects you with the person next to you.

And last but not least is that I’m happy to tell you that if right now you feel lost or incapable of understanding your roots or your changes, it’s ok. Through our life, we evolve and adapt to change, and through it piece together a path towards an understanding of the uniqueness in our surroundings. Is not a task from one day to another.

This jaunt through life is best complemented by traveling. The wandering that comes from existence will make sense when you connect with your neighbors and understand that everybody is different and adds something to the picture. Thanks to globalization, traveling is increasingly easier and we can get to places we never experienced before. Let yourself go and take your bags to explore new cultures in your way to define yours. 

Vitamin MX is our opportunity to show you that the Mexican essence, its colors, warmth, attitude, and vibration can be shared internationally. Jaunt Mexico is happy to be your host for this adventure into self-recognition and multiculturality appreciation. Because by showing you about our culture we would like to awake your interest in discovering yours and more others!


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