Whenever we are planning our next paradisiac vacation, the first thing that pops into our head is a nice beach with clear waters and soft sand. Today we are going to learn in a scientific, yet fun way why this is our first choice!

First of all, we are going to have a crash course in history. In the beginning, beaches weren’t a place to relax and have fun, they were thought of only as working land. With the years, more people started visiting beaches, but they still thought of the ocean as something extremely dangerous. It wasn’t until the 60’s that people began to see it as a place to sunbathe and spend the day. From then on, beaches continue to be the numero uno touristic destination. 

But why does our body ask for beach vitamins? In the physical sphere, the salt and potassium that the sea gives us stimulates our skin, even accelerating the healing of dermatitis issues, and the sand gives us the formula to get rid of the dead cells. Also, beaches are the number one recommendation if you have breathing problems because they can help improve mucous membrane and lung capacity thanks to the salty air which is full of negative hydrogen ions(particles that enhance our ability to absorb oxygen).

In the psychological sphere, a recognized marine biologist,  Wallace J. Nichols, created a series of experiments to understand what the ocean creates within our conscious and subconscious minds.  

Since we are little, science lessons demonstrate how we are related to water— from the growth process to our genetic make-up (60% water). That’s exactly why, the moment we hear, see or feel the ocean breeze we feel consciously present. We get a connection so deep that it has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression, and even soothe PTSD. This has been proven through scans that show the activation of regions in the brain related to stress reduction, and increased emotional stability and empathy. 

And not only that! Oceans, rivers, and lakes enable us to concentrate even better. According to Wallace, looking at water will improve your attention, visual perception, and motor speed.

Human beings associate the color blue with an explosion of trust, patience, serenity, and kindness. We definitely need more blue in our lives! So maybe a  home office by the sea isn’t a terrible idea! Check out our private villas for smart travelers getaways, following all the proper alignments for you to have a perfect and safe experience in our accommodations.


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