Thanks to interconnectivity we have discovered cultures and different perspectives from all over the world. Leading to interculturality in our daily lives parting from respect, interest and sharing with others. Today we are going to portray the importance of globalization not in the economical way, but as imports and exports of cultural artefacts that enhance an essence globally. 

Globalization is a word that implies many things: technology, innovation, interconnectedness, and business. It could be interpreted as a way of homogenizing cultural models, values, goals, and daily life, standardizing flavors, overshadowing creativity, and uniformizing cultural expressions. However, it can also be thought of as a new opportunity to connect to other cultures and awaken an interest in understanding who we are sharing the world with. At the end of the day, we all bring something special to the table.We aren’t here forever and what better way  to seize the day than to reach new horizons by learning something new.

 As humans, we are exposed to multiple identities that are not necessarily limited to nationalities. Globalization has re-ignited cultural identities, which reflect our experiences, traditions, beliefs, and roots. Throughout our life journey, we evolve and adapt to change, and through it piece together a path towards understanding the uniqueness in our surroundings.

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.”- Mahatma Gandhi

To understand diversity we need to engage in our life’s “Alterity”, our ability to be different born from encounters and interactions with those whose experiences are different from ours. We have traits that unite and distinguish us. Globalization can connect us, but our cultures still make us unique. Take language for example, no matter where you are from, the language you speak determines your vision of the world. Can you imagine? Even if you try to understand that vision through another language, there will be  some terms lost in translation.

 A way of sharing and understanding different cultures is by  following the science of the cultural artefact, as it acquires value and relevance because it demonstrates the cultural relations in a physical space. It could be tangible such as sculptures, paintings, relics or intangible things like sayings, prayers, even inside jokes. Now that you added to your vocabulary new words, use them to create an intercultural environment and share with others your cultural artefacts and own the meaning of alterity. 

This jaunt through life is best complemented by traveling. The wandering that comes from existence will make sense when you connect with your neighbors and understand that everybody is different and  no matter where you are from, everyone adds something to the picture. Thanks to globalization, traveling is increasingly easier and we can get to places we never experienced before. Let yourself go and take your bags to explore new cultures in your way to define your own. 



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