First of all, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the latest travel blog from Mexicans to the world. Here you will learn interesting  facts to share with friends and what this land is really about. You’ll probably also end up asking yourself why you haven’t packed your bags already!  In this blog, we will explore the 9 destinations Jaunt Mexico has to offer, highlighting 8 different categories for each. Stay tuned and discover the next category. Make yourself at home and continue reading….

Test time ! What is the first thing that comes to  mind when you hear M E X I C O?

We are definitely doing something wrong, if this doesn’t come up in your head!        

But don´t worry about it! Along this jaunt you´ll find your way towards the answer to the question  WHY MEXICO?

You might be wondering why sombreros are the first thing you relate to Mexico, well, it actually  has a historical reason. This symbol goes back to the golden age of Mexican cinema in the 40´s,  and the first movie released worldwide was “Maria Candelaria”. This film talks about the Mexican Revolution era and the tension resulting from the contrasting  daily lives  of landowners and peasants. (Cinema23, S.F)

Sombreros were commonly used by field labourers to  prevent sunburns. However, they also became an iconic element of Mariachi bands, giving an elegant touch to their signature outfits.   It is important to mention that Mariachis are now considered an Intangible Cultural Heritage, in another article we are going to talk more detailed about it.

(UNESCO, 2010)

Mexico is more than the sun, spices, and people with sombreros, together we´ll learn about the inner workings of Mexican culture that make it so recognizable around the globe.  So let me ask you again, what is the first thing that pops into your head when you think  MEXICO?


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