Mexico welcomes you to live the full experience of the Grand Prix! Every year at the end of October, worldwide racing drivers come to the three colored land. The event becomes Green, White and Red as the Mexican crowed cheer the atmosphere in the great location of The Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez, the Auto Racetrack of the Rodríguez Brothers.

Is a misunderstanding that before Checo Pérez there wasn’t any other Mexican in the history of F1. Actually Mexico has had six drivers in Formula 1: Héctor Rebaque, Moisés Solana, Esteban Gutiérrez, Ricardo Rodríguez, Pedro Rodríguez and Sergio Pérez. That last name Rodriguez has become a landmark as the auto racetrack got that name in 1962. Pedro Rodríguez was the first great Mexican driver. He stood out in the sixties and caused the first boom in motorsports in our country. Basically, is the one that made interesting the motorsports that was happening all around the world. (Maya, 2023)

The first Grand Prix ever hosted in Mexico was 60 years ago. Throughout time it has been up and down the host list because it needed to keep on making adjustments to follow the international standards of a great racetrack.  It is considered one of the fastest circuits in Formula 1, as Felipe Massa reached 364 km/h during the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix.  Another thing that makes it special is that the racetrack is at an elevation of 2,285 m (7,500 ft), so the engines suffer a considerable loss of power and breathing can be difficult for the drivers. It is challenging, just like running the Mexico City’s Marathon where elevation makes everything more interesting. (Autódromo Hnos. Rodríguez, 2023)

Although the Mexican Grand Prix was not held for several seasons, it was successfully run again in 2015 and is expected to continue year after year. It is a great attraction for international visitors to the city and an important part of each year of the calendar, October isn’t expected for Halloween anymore, the speed won everyone’s hearts. (Mexico City’s government, N.D.)

The future of Mexican race drivers it held in 5 promising characters: Memo Rojas, Checo Pérez, Patricio O’Ward, Benito Guerra and Esteban Gutierrez. Some of them hold the heritage from their fathers, but what every one of them has in come apart from being from this beautiful country, they started when they were little. (Redbull, 2020) Determination, hard work, and consistency have led them to the prestigious achievements in their international career, there’s nothing better to know the origins of where they fall in love with the sport, and definitely it is the Hermanos Rodríguez Racetrack. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience in first hand a Jaunt that combines culture and speed, Mexico City is the best host, let us show you the music, the views, the history and a the gourmet experience that will make it harder to choose where you are going next, because we are sure you will like your annual visit to Mexico your next favorite tradition. Jaunt Mexico will give you the best tickets, side events and a curated list of must do’s, while you are staying in a luxury hotel in the capital of the country.


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