Zona Maco is the biggest art fair in Latin America. It was founded in 2002 by Zélika García, she understands the importance of giving a physical space to connect different types of art and invites leading artists and emergent talents nationally and internationally. Zona Maco is characterized by their exhibitions on contemporary art from diverse galleries, design on furniture, jewelry, textiles, and decorative objects, it also has an antiquary section that focus on antiques and restorative work, and last but not least artistic photos with different styles.

The artistic director mentions that Zona Maco is recognized worldwide, but also keeps the Mexican essence on its features, that is why they give a certain character in order for the guests to see the particularity of our country’s pieces, different from other art fairs.  Latin America diversity cannot be forgotten.

Zélika García, the founder and director of Zona Maco has noticed the development the industry has being through, recognizing new galleries becoming relevant on the art world and promoting Mexican Collectionism where Mexico City has become the capital of art. During the first weeks of February, art rules the streets. Art Week becomes the schedule, and the emergent artists have a place to share and connect with the audience.  Also, Zona Maco organizes Artsy Nights. Different events for the contemporary artists & musicians’ community.

If you are an artsy kind of traveler early February is your week to come and experience the fusion of contemporary art and Mexican full experience. Jaunt Mexico guides you to the curated list of galleries that accompany your Zona Maco jaunt and the gourmet experience that will give you the perfect excuse to come back to Mexico City every year.  From walking in galleries, to live music and degustation menus. Live the whole artistic experience with Jaunt Mexico.

To spoil a bit of the recommendations the most artistic neighborhood to stay during Art week will be the colonial chic Roma and Condesa, where every door leads you to a different experience. Let us show you this side of the city and connect with your artistic soul in this jaunt.

Zona Maco: una oportunidad para saber cómo relacionarnos con el arte -

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