Hi, it’s me again! I just found out that in a year there are 768 million unused vacation days worldwide!  Can you imagine?  That’s like living in the darkness and sleeping for 78 years. Don’t let that be you, don’t waste your hard work, use it to set you free and get yourself a dose of Vitamin MX.

(Time off and vacation usage, 2018)

Sometimes life gives you 768 million opportunities to slow down or to speed up, and to take a vacation, but excuses are bigger than those million shots. If you need extra temptation to take that vacation, good news, traveling can actually help your brain work better. 

Thomas Fuller, the English writer, once said “travel makes the wise man better”, but is there scientific proof to this?  There actually is! Adam Galinsky, a professor at the Columbia Business School, researched the effect of having abroad experiences on the brain and proved that they can actually improve cognitive flexibility. You see, the brain creates neural pathways (the connections that allow us to think) based on our surroundings and habits, which means that travelling stimulates our brains by exposing it to new flavors, sounds, smells, sights and sensations. As an added bonus, all these stimuli help revitalize the brain and elevate our motivation to try new things and become more creative—and of course, they enrich our souls too!.    

(Galinsky, 2015)


Additionally, psychologically, cross-cultural experiences can help us reflect on our own culture through exposure to different perspectives. While learning about new traditions and how others live their lives, you may even get the opportunity to get to know yourself better and learn to love yourself for all that you are.

(Immordino-Yang, N.D)

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