TEQUILA: Mexican Stereotypes of how we socialize


I can assure you that Tequila is your best way to interact with a mexican. It’s funny though, how a drink could be 100% associated with a nationality For example Vodka and Russians, if you are in a party that will be the first thing you will try to talk about. 

Keep reading to become an expert at international socializing in the most casual way to do so. 

Don’t get scared with how Mexicans express, we can enlist some of the attitudes that are most likely to happen. Remember that there are always exceptions and we are trying to dramatize our stereotypes by giving you why we are like this.

1.They will say hi to you like they know you before. Here in Mexico we are used to greeting people with a kiss on the cheek, but if we analyze that, we actually just make the sound while our cheek pops with the other. To make it sound less weird, we just fake a kiss on the cheek, no matter who you are. Well in the professional sphere is a different conduct code, you´ll just shake hands.

 2.We are most likely to be a little bit loud. This is because we are used to large crowds in family gatherings, so we need to speak up to be heard at the dinner table. Remember that our core family becomes from a family of 5 to a family of 30 considering second cousins, your grandpa’s siblings and aggregates. 

3.Our discussions are pretty open. Also we are most likely to be dramatic in casual debates. Don’t worry, it is an annoying way, we are more chill than debates during election times, but we like to demonstrate our points of view.

4.We will offer you a Tequila or a Mezcal right way don’t get scared, we are not trying to do something weird or take advantage, is just a good way to start conversation and let loose the tension of the beginning of a friendship, also we have in our favor that everybody knows Tequila and are willing to learn about the ones that are the “experts”. Think about it, it is a good ice breaker.

5.We will probably invite you to a party, also don’t get scared, is the most casual way to meet new people and have fun. We are used to celebrating. Most of mexican parents ask, another party? What are you celebrating? The most common answer will be, life. Life is here to show us new perspectives, new friends but also amplifies your personality.

6.We will arrive late, but it’s not because we are mean or don’t have the interest. Is just sometimes we think time is on our side, and take longer getting ready or we don’t measure traffic time as we should.

7.But most importantly we will help you in every possible way that we can. Because we like to give our hearts in everything we do, and support wherever it’s needed, we have an extra ability of unifying for a better cause and making us feel home even though you are kilometers away.

Never miss the opportunity to meet a mexican, but most importantly to question silly stereotypes that at the end of the day, every one of us carries a different story, but the same flag in our hearts. Let yourself meet different people from all around the world, without hesitation or taking conclusions, that at the end of they day don’t leave you something meaningful. 

Let us be part of your jaunt.