The importance of essence


Sometimes we humans don’t understand the real meaning of essence, of authenticity and most importantly identity.

Identity comes from how you define yourself and how others perceive you. Where were you born, your family, your friends, your beliefs, your experiences and motivations, all of those are all wrapped up in you, in your smile, in the way you see things, the reasons why your eyes shine, your sense of humor and the last but not least how you define happiness.

The definition of happiness is the most complex thing to agree on, that is why every single one of us is looking for something different, that at the end of the day will give us a sigh. For us to achieve the most meaningful “sigh”, we have to understand the meaning of identity.

Identity gives us the ability to feel loved but also gives us the sense of belonging. This means that if you feel out of place you will have a safe zone where to be. Where no one judges you and you set free your deepest insecurities. But why do we need this sense of belonging, it could be because of the fact that we don´t understand the meaning of tolerance. This “value” is way more than just standing each other, it looks for acceptance, respect and promotion of authenticity. We should impulse diversity and multiculturalism, because if not, we would live as a white and black universe without the colorful sensations that make us feel alive.

Human beings are susceptible to blame everything to someone else, this someone else could be the government, the lack of programs which promote this type of inclusion, and sometimes even school. But we need to understand that sometimes it is our job to see better, to live better, to interact better and realize that “better” doesn’t exist when we are talking about mentalities, religions and cultures. Each one of them is worth listening to because it has the same importance as your mentality based on your religious or non religious matter and the culture that shapes your natural state of living. It’s OK to feel different, authenticity doesn’t go with monocity.

 The vitamin MX goes along with diversity. Mexico is recognized as one of the 5 countries all around the world that counts with a magnitude of biodiversity hard to measure, our location gives us a wider catalogue of ecosystems that includes flora and fauna but more essentially gives birth to the 20 different ethnic groups across the country. As you may know we have natural vestiges such as the jungle, deserts, forest, shores, amazing oceans such as the pacific and the mexican gulf that follows up to the caribbean turquoise waters. These natural gems shape the essence and identity of each ethinc group across the region, why is it easier for us to understand nature more than we understand humanity? Or maybe is it just because nature appears  to not have a different mentality than ours?

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Also we like to promote the genuine masterpieces of our fellow Mexicans,  but also the hidden stories behind them, from Tequila to after hours history;  you will learn at first sight how to jump back in time to answer the why’s of our cultural heritage. 


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